Taco (salad) Tuesdays

Taco Tuesdays. Definitely one of our favorite nights of the week for dinner. Some weeks we have ground beef, others ground turkey. Last night, when I got home from the gym, the house smelled amazing. Jon was in charge of dinner again and it definitely didn’t smell like our standard Tuesday dinner.  As I walked in the door, he was quick to point out that we could no longer use the giant jar of taco seasoning that we had picked up from Costco since it had cornmeal and sugar in it. OH MY GOSH HE WAS READING LABELS. I was so proud.

I was even prouder when I tasted it. Not only was he reading labels, but he was learning to cook. The cilantro lime dressing he made was delicious.  Served on top of spinach with a big scoop of leftover homemade guacamole, I didn’t even miss the tortillas.  I scraped every last bit of it from my plate and tried to come up with ideas to incorporate the leftover dressing.


Both recipes can be found here: http://stupideasypaleo.com/2014/02/27/tasty-taco-salad-by-living-loving-paleo/