More than Just a Pretty Face

I remember when my husband and I first started dating and he offered to cook me dinner for the first time.  Let’s just say, I didn’t end up marrying him for his cooking skills.  (Love you babe.) He served up a very well done chicken breast prepared with no seasoning in the George Foreman grill and a side of mixed veggies with nothing but a drizzle of coconut oil.  As he scarfed down his dinner I tried to think of a kind way to ask for salt and pepper so I wouldn’t offend him.  He’s come up with some interesting creations over the course of our relationship, but lately he has been knocking it out of the park with a paleo buffalo chicken recipe he found last month.

Personally, I am not a fan of chicken.  I will eat it, but usually under protest.  On my husband’s days off work, he usually is in charge of dinner, which usually means some variety of chicken (now with seasoning, not cooked in the Foreman grill).  He has made the buffalo chicken strip recipes a few times now and I am obsessed.  I could eat it everyday. It’s that good.

Last night he whipped up the chicken and a version of paleo ranch. (I could take or leave the ranch.)  I made faux mashed potatoes from cauliflower that were spot on. Yum. Yum. Yum.


Paleo Buffalo Chicken Strips and paleo ranch: (We use coconut flour.)

Mashed Faux Potatoes (Cauliflower)

  • Steam about 2 cups of cauliflower until it is soft when poked with a fork. Drain the water.
  • In a food processor, chop 2 small cloves of garlic. Add steamed cauliflower, about 2 TBL coconut milk, and 1 TBL of butter. (I know. It’s dairy. You can sub a little olive oil or bacon fat if you want.)
  • Blend. Check consistency. Add salt and pepper. Blend some more. Add more coconut milk if thinner consistency is desired.



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